Tuesday, 05 August 2014 09:48

How Do I Sync My iPhone with iCloud

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If you haven't set up your iPhone to sync with iCloud, you should! You can easily set up iCloud to sync with your iPhone's contacts, calendars, reminders, etc... After you set up your iPhone to sync with iCloud, you will never have to worry about losing your contacts due to phone loss, phone damage, or unexpected defects in iOS as all of your important iPhone contacts are stored in iCloud.

This tutorial will walk you through how to use iTunes to synchronise Outlook with iPhone. You will see how easy it is to set up iPhone contacts and Outlook contacts synchronization. After you successfully configure iPhone to synchronise with Outlook, each time you connect iPhone to your computer, changes made on your iPhone or computer will be synchronised automatically!

Monday, 23 June 2014 09:46

How to Move iPhone Contacts to Exchange

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Do you want to know how to move iPhone contacts to exchange so you will no longer loss contacts when upgrading or switching iPhones? To move new/existing iPhone contacts to exchange, you can check exchange is selected as default account.

Many registry cleaners on the market claim they can speed up your computer by detecting and cleaning registry errors. Yes, they do a good job cleaning registry errors found on your computer, but they don't offer registry defragmentation functionality. What does this mean? This means all registry problems on your computer are removed, but there is no effect on computer speed up at all! Let's find out why registry cleaning without registry defragmentation might cause performance degradation of your computer and how to speed up computer with Uniblue Powersuite's registry cleaner and registry defragmentator.

Do you know that PC Tuneup is NOT just for old computers? You can speed up all computers (brand new or old). Why? All computers (brand new or old) come with default factory settings which are not optimized for your Internet connection or for programs you use most frequently. If you have a brand new speedy computer, that's great, but you can unleash more of its potential by optimizing its system and Internet settings. If you have a old and slow computer, you should defintely optimize system and Internet settings as part of your PC Tuneup to speed up your slow computer.

Learn how to speed up computer by disabling unused processes with Uniblue Powersuite. Do you know that a computer that's completely malware free can be as slow as one that's infected with viruses and spyware? How can this be? Too many unused processes running can be a significant drain to your computer's resources which can slow down overall computer speed.

Do you find yourself with limited disk space, but cannot figure out why? Smart Duplicates Finder in Uniblue Powersuite can help you clean up your computer by finding and deleting duplicate files taking up valuable hard drive space. With duplicate file finder tool like this, you will no longer have to sort through thousands of files manually looking for duplicate files to clean up your computer.

Need help cleaning up your computer? Uniblue Powersuite can help you identify large files on your computer and help you to compress them to reclaim your valuable hard drive space. You can review the scan results of large files and delete large files that are no longer needed to clean up your computer. For ones you do need, Uniblue Powersuite can compress them to gain hard drive space.

Computer running slow? Maybe it is time for you to clean up your computer? Using a computer from day to day you accumulate junk files on your computer when running programs, installing/uninstalling software, browsing websites, etc... You can speed up computer performance and increase PC stability by cleaning up junk files or old backup files to free up system resources and reclaim hard drive space.

Junk files are being created all the time when you work on your computer or browse websites.Clean up your computer regularly by removing junk files saved on your hard drive is highly recommended to speed up computer and ensure junk files do not accumulate to the extent that impacts system performance and slows down computer. Uniblue Powersuite's Junk Files Cleaner searches for and cleans out unneeded files (Recycle Bin, Windows Temporary Files, and Temporary Internet Files) to speed up your computer's performance.

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