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iPhone 5 WiFi Problems Fix: 18 Proven Fixes for iPhone 5 WiFi Issues Featured Written by 

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iPhone 5 WiFi not working? Many of my iPhone 5 customers are having WiFi connection problems. The symptoms of iPhone 5 WiFi problems are very slow or no Internet connection. WiFi issues in iPhone 5 are a common problem. I will share a list of possible solutions I used to help hundreds of my customers fix iPhone 5 WiFi problems. 95% of iPhone 5 WiFi Problems can be fixed with these possible fixes!

18 Proven Fixes for iPhone 5 WiFi Problems Fix:

  1. Power off your router, wait for 20 seconds, and then power on your router
  2. Perform a Hard Reset for your iPhone 5
  3. Update your iOS to the latest version
  4. Update your router's firmware to the latest version and connect your iPhone 5 again
  5. Adjust brightness upward
  6. Switch your Router to Use One of these Security Setting (WPA Personal, WPA TKIP, or WEP): Try each one of this security setting. Most people have their WiFi problems fixed by using WEP.
  7. Turn WiFi Off and On
    • On your iPhone, tap Settings, Tap WiFi
  8. Reset Network Settings of your iPhone
    • On your iPhone, tap Settings | General | Reset | Reset Network Settings
  9. Tap "Forget this Network" on your iPhone 5 and try to reconnect
    • Tap Settings, and then tap WiFi
    • Tap the blue arrow alongside the network your iPhone 5 connects to
    • Tap 'Forget this Network'
  10. Turn off Bluetooth
  11. Turn off "Ask to Join Networks"
    1. Tap Settings, and then tap WiFi
  12. Try another router if you have another one to see if your iPhone still has WiFi connection problems
  13. Try Changing your WiFi Channel
  14. Set up a static IP address for your iPhone 5
  15. Turn off wireless securiy. This option is not ideal, but at least it helps you determine if your iPhone 5 has a compatibility issue with the security setting you're using in your router.
  16. Reset your Router to factory settings
  17. Change thresholds in your router's settings. Change the fragmentation threshold and the CTS/RTS threshold settings to Fragmentation= 2048, RTS = 512.
  18. Change 802.11 spec on your router. Change your router's wireless spec mode from B, G and N to G only or vice versa.
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